Thermal Imaging Device TrackIR (25 Pro)
Guide Thermal Imaging Device TrackIR Pro
Professional thermal imager. The integrated 12 µm VOx sensor (640x480) offers unprecedented resolution and the colour HD display offers stunning image quality. The selection of colour highlights (Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Blue Hot, Iron Hot), the high-resolution sensor and an advanced algorithm make it easier and faster to detect objects. The memory function additionally enables the recording of photos and videos.

Legal notice:

In Germany, the purchase or sale of night vision and close-up devices and thermal imaging monoculars is not subject to authorisation, nor is the use of thermal imaging monoculars for hunting. The carrying and use as a hand-held device (monocular by attaching an eyepiece) of attachment devices (night vision and thermal image) does not require a permit in Germany.

In some federal states the attachment of the attachment to a target optic for hunting is prohibited (see data sheet C).

Guide Thermal Imaging Device TrackIR (25 Pro)

Technical features:

- Detector: 640 x 480/12 µm (VOx sensor)
- Frame rate: 50 Hz
- Temperature sensitivity: ≤50mk@30℃
- Objective lens: 25 mm
- Screen: 1280 x 960 pixels, colour LCOS display
- Object detection: 1. 000 m
- Magnification: 1.5 - 12 x
- Photo or video recording possible
- Built-in 16 GB memory
- Waterproof: IP66
- Battery: Permanently installed Li-Ion battery, 6,000 mAh, can be charged via USB-C
- Battery life in continuous operation: Approx. 4.5 hours
- Size: 192 x 65 x 71 mm
- Weight: 490 g
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