Caso Design
Fast Vac 4008

Caso Design Fast Vac 4008

Professional vacuum system with exchangeable sealing bars.
Product features: - Fully automatic vacuuming system for vacuuming your food: natural preservation without preservatives. - Food stays fresh up to 8 times longer when vacuumed.
- Completely made of stainless steel - suitable for commercial use.
- Powerful double piston pump 20 L/minute - maximum vacuum up to -0.9 bar.
- Secure seal with double weld seam - width 40 cm
. - Replaceable sealing bar.
- Integrated roll container for the Caso XXL Profi film rolls (40 x 1000cm) and fold-out cutter for cutting the film rolls to size.
- Digital process display and soft - touch operation (German panel labelling).
- Adjustable sealing time - perfect vacuum function for moist or dry food, for a perfect seal and vacuum seal.
- Adjustable vacuum strength - individually adjustable so that particularly soft foods are not compressed.
- Coil function: Manual control of the vacuum process for pressure-sensitive and liquid-containing foods.

Marinating function:
In combination with a vacuum container, meat or fish can be marinated in a very short time. An automatic vacuum cycle repeatedly opens and closes the pores.
- Vacuum container function: Vacuuming soft foods or soups in containers.
- Includes 1 film roll 40 x 600cm, 10 film bags 20 x 30cm and 10 film bags 30 x 40 cm.
Product data: Dimensions: (W x H x D):520 x 160 x 310mm. Weight: 5.75 kg. Power: 200 W. Voltage: 230 V; 50 Hz. PU: 1.

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