Caso Design
Profi - Foil rolls (30 x 600 cm)

Caso Design Profi - Foil rolls (30 x 600 cm)

Natural storage without preservatives. Enjoy freshness for longer. Eat healthier - vitamins and minerals are preserved.
Article description:Material thickness 150 μm: Particularly strong and tear-resistant - even with sharp objects such as bones or bones. Stable ribbed structure for 100 % tightness. Protection against freezer burn and longer shelf life of food: up to 8 times longer fresh.Microwaveable (up to 70°C or 8 min at 950 watts).Dishwasher safe and recyclable. Sous Vide - suitable:Cook-safe up to 100°C for max. 8 hours. Withfree Food Manager stickers to organise and store your food.
.Product data: Dimensions: 30 x 600cm. Contents per pack: 50 bags. PU: 6.
Free app. Easy management. With reminder function.Quick stock control. Save food - throw away less food.
With practical stickers for organising contents, date and weight. Suitable for all Caso vacuum cleaners and for the brands FreshVac, WMF, Rommelsbacher, Laica, Gastoastroback, Foodsaver, Solis, Steba, Lava, Ohmex, Flaem Nuova, and many more.