No9 - attractant with bio-active (flavor: anise)
AttraTec No9 - attractant with bio-active (flavor: anise)
Broad attraction for hoofed game and predatory game. TOP quality, contains only food grade ingredients. Also suitable for trap hunting, e.g. by dripping onto bait, as both the senses of smell and taste are stimulated. Not suitable for human consumption. AttraTec No 9 is available in different odor variants. This enables the hunter to discover and take advantage of the preferences of the local game. Sometimes a small amount of precipitation can occur at the bottom of the bottle, which is not unusual for natural products. Then simply shake the bottle well and the product can be used again without any loss of quality. Contents: 1 liter.
How to use:
Tip 1: Drizzle a few drops of AttraTec No 9 onto a bait in the trap, as this stimulates the sense of smell and taste.
Tip 2: Drizzle 10-20 ml of AttraTec No 9 in the immediate vicinity of a fairground or salt lick.