Automatic Charger for 6V or 12V Batteries

Simbatec Automatic Charger for 6V or 12V Batteries

This charger is designed for continuous, safe and reliable charging of your lead battery. Because of that you will have a fully charged battery the next time you will need one. As soon as the charging voltage is reached, the electronic control automatically reduces the charging current. This protects the battery from harmful overcharging. A charge control and a polarity display inform you about the correct operating condition. Battery overcharging is not possible with this unit. Suitable for maintenance-free lead/ lead gel batteries, like battery Art. 167585.
Technical specifications: Operating voltage: 230V/50Hz
Charging voltage: 2.3 V by 2V, 6.9V by 6V and 13.8V by 12V batteries
Charge current: max. 300mA
Dimensions: 90 x 50 x 40cm
Weight: approx. 345 g
In the delivery is the device, battery connection terminals and a detailed manual in German, English, French and Dutch.
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