Thermal Image Device Sperling-10

Liemke Thermal Image Device Sperling-10

Small, light and powerful. Ideal for forest and kirrungs hunters or for tracking. 5 colour modes selectable.


- Range: approx. 300 m
- Zoom: 2-4x
- Detector: ASi with 240 x 180 pixels
- Pixel pitch: 17 µm
- Objective lens: 10 mm
- Frame rate: 9 Hz
- Weight: 310 g
- Power: 1 x CR123
- Battery life: 5 hrs
- Detection range: 320 m

Legal notice:

The purchase or sale of night vision and attachment devices and thermal imaging monoculars is not subject to authorisation in Germany, nor is the use of thermal imaging monoculars for hunting. The carrying and use as a hand-held device (monocular by attaching an eyepiece) of attachment devices (night vision and thermal image) does not require a permit in Germany.

In some federal states, attaching the attachments to a target optic for hunting is prohibited (see data sheet).
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