Lounger/sleeping bag combo

Kogha Lounger/sleeping bag combo

Comfortable Lounger comfort for the Carped Angler in every Season: Combination from Lounger with Mattress and a Sleeping Bag with separate Pillow. Matt olive lacquered Couch with 8 Telescopic Legs and Mud plates. Living area: approx. 220 x 95 cm, Living High: approx. 45 - 60 cm. The approx 6 cm thicker Mattress with Fleece-Surface is attached to the Bed with small toggle Buttons. Need less Comfort for short Seats or if the Fleece Side is too warm in Summer, you can remove the Mattress completely and use the Couch only with a Sleeping Bag. This is with a Fleece-Over side and Microfiber Inside and Zipped to the Couch (one Side of the Closing members is located on the Couch, the other on the Sleeping Bag). In a Run you can leave your Sleeping Bag by Zipper left or right open. The Combo is additionally provided with a separate Pillow with Fleece-Overside and Microfiber-Underside delivery.
Material Reference Lounger: 100% polyamid. Material Sleeping Bag Overside, Inside, Wadding: 100% polyester. Material Pillow Overside, Underside: 100% Polyester. Material Mattress Reference and Fleece overside: 100% Polyester.
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