Hunter Dog
Dog Silicone fanny pack List
Hunter Dog Dog Silicone fanny pack List
Belt bags are particularly practical for dog owners. HUNTER has now found a way to make these little helpers even more practical:
The silicone belt bag LIST closes itself again with the magnetic closure so that nothing can fall out. It is attached to the belt and keeps your dog's favourite treats within reach at all times. The special feature: You can simply open it with one hand, reach in and conjure up the coveted dog snacks. But you don't have to close them again - this happens automatically, thanks to the magnetic closure. Made from easy-to-clean, food-grade silicone that does not absorb any odours or taste and can be easily wiped or washed off. Decorated with a compass motif and the HUNTER logo. Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 5 cm.