Cooler Box Cool Ice WCI 22

Dometic Cooler Box Cool Ice WCI 22

High outside temperatures, uneven terrain, dust and mud? The "indestructible" Cool Ice coolers can easily cope with that. Thanks to the extremely effective insulation, food, meat, fish and bait fish can be kept fresh for longer with the help of cool packs or ice cubes. Depending on use and weather conditions, the contents of the box will even stay cool for several days! What's more, these coolers come with a 5-year guarantee! Finally, every detail of the boxes, seamlessly moulded from high-impact plastic, is designed for the toughest of uses. With strong and thick foam insulation and a unique labyrinth seal, the reliable design of these coolers allows the air inside to stay cold for longer. This highly efficient and extremely lightweight ice box keeps ice frozen for several days. Take ice cold drinks with you wherever you go!

Volume: 22 litres. Colour: green. Dimensions approx (LxWxH): 38.6 cm x 31.3 cm x 36.3 cm. Net weight: approx. 4.2 kg.