CamoVision Belly boat with air pump
DAM Camovision Belly Boat incl. Airbump

DAM CamoVision Belly boat with air pump

Plenty of space and safety for the angler. The boat has 2 seperate air chambers and seat and backrest, which also have a high buoyancy. Even if a hook were to get stuck in one of the chambers, the other air chamber and seat have enough buoyancy to safely return to shore. Durable 600D Camo Vision. 2 inflatable air chambers. 2 side pockets, permanently attached. Comfortable seat and backrest. 2 thick padded shoulder straps. Carrying loop on the bow. Dimensions: 140 cm x 115 cm. Weight: 5,2 kg. Incl. air pump. Outer material: 100% polyester, air chambers: 100% PVC.
-5% SRP* 199,99
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SRP* 199,99