Motion detector Gamewatch 2+1

Bearstep Motion detector Gamewatch 2+1

See what happens at the change or the Kirrung! Especially when hunting at night, the danger is great to miss the game in a pulpit or to scare it away by careless behavior. If you know that something is moving in the area, you can adjust to it and hunt effectively, prevent damage to game and make prey. The detector transmits motion signals to the included watch, which is to be attached to the wrist. You will be aware by a vibration signal when special attention is needed. Wristwatch incl. rechargeable battery. The transmitters need 1 x 9V block battery each (please order separately). Dimensions motion detector: 10 x 7x 6.5 cm. Clock dimensions: 3.8 x 4.5 x1.5 cm. Batteries: Motion detector 1x9V block each. Clock: incl. rechargeable battery via USB.
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